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Shhh! It's Naptime!
Shhh! It's Naptime!

Shhh! It's Naptime!

Gifted Occasion

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))))) This listing is for one Shhh! It's Naptime Sign. Ideal to let visitors know that your baby is sleeping and quietness is appreciated.

)))) )))) The Letters are cut out of 1/4 inch birch and finished natural and the background is cut out of 1/2 inch birch and finished in Dark walnut. The sign is lightweight perfect for hanging on a Door or next to a door on the wall.

I know what you must be thinking,3d wood sign with so much personality for such a great price, it's not painted it's 3d cut wood!!! how can they afford to offer this at such a great price. I know it's crazy but we love what we do and and everyone loves this no soliciting sign so as long as we can we will continue to offer this sign for this amazing price.

)))))) Measures 11x11 inches and is 1/2 inch thick

))))) Jute rope is attached for convenient hanging.

))))) Made from Baltic Birch Plywood

Materials: wood,maple,birch,walnut stain